Lead Results From Schools In HSWA’s Service Area

The HSWA Board of Directors instructed HSWA to proactively sample all public schools within the service area for lead levels.

Over the course of two weeks, HSWA staff sampled all the schools using the same “first draw” method of getting the first flush of water from the faucet early on a Monday morning before usage started.  Shown below are the results, in parts per billion, with ND meaning non-detectable.

Sample Site Result (ppb)
Burchfield 2
Scott Avenue ND
Mt. Royal Middle School ND
Jeffery 2
Marzolf ND
Shaler High School 2
*Reserve 7
Hampton High School 8
Hampton Middle School 4
Wyland ND
Central 2
Poff 3
*Water supplied by Pittsburgh Water Sewer Authority

The action level on lead is 15 parts per billion (ppb), so all of the schools sampled are well below that threshold.