HSWA’s Frozen Service Line Policy

As we enter into the deep freeze of winter, the following is HSWA’s official policy on frozen water services:

After the Authority receives a phone call, the first responder will be a serviceman.  The serviceman will determine if the water outage is a result of a frozen pipe by pulling the meter to see if there is water to the meter.  If the frozen pipe is within the home, the customer will be informed that it is the customer’s responsibility.

If there is no water to the meter, the customer will be informed that the frozen pipe is outside – either from the main to the curb stop or the curb stop to the house.  We will inform the customer that if the frozen pipe is between the curb and the road, it is the Authority’s responsibility and there will be no charge.

If the freeze is between the curb stop and the house, if the customer consents, the Authority will attempt to thaw the line and the customer will be billed for the service at time and material.  However, before beginning the thawing process, the customer must sign a consent form.  If the consent form is not signed, the Authority will not proceed with the thaw.  Just click on the link below to see the consent form.